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Media Converter and Muxer is an easy to use media conversion tool that can :
1. Convert video and audio files to MP# format
2. Extract the original audio track from a video file (Lossless conversion)
3. Combine a video and an audio file together
4. Reduce or increase volume of a video or audio file
5. Cut a video file into define segment
6. Fix syncing issue between audio and video tracks by shifting them
7. Rotate a video file by 90, 180, or 270 degrees.
8. Custom conversion to most well-known formats (MP4, MPEG, 3GP, AAC, APNG, GIF) with custom input and output parameters like bit-rate and video size

For more information on how to use this tool please visit:

Note: For this converter to work, you will be asked to install a minimal native client. This native client works as a bridge to the well-known FFmpeg converter. The native client is developed by Andy Portmen. Here you can see how to install the native client for different operation systems:
1. Windows:
2. Mac or Linux:
note that the video tutorial is steps shown for “open-in” extension. Steps are similar for this extension as well.

Change Logs:
— 0.1.3
1. Supporting non-ascii characters in file-names
2. supporting native client version 0.3.1
— 0.1.4
1. Allow external command “open”. It is now possible for other extensions and applications to open the converter window from their UI.
— 0.1.5
1. Uses browser’s download manager to get FFmpeg executable
2. Fixes
— 0.1.6
1. Fixes
— 0.1.9
1. You can now convert very large files!

Media Converter and Muxer – Audio Tools
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