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Messages Saver for Facebook™


Download Facebook chat to your computer in VARIOUS FORMATS
Works with business Facebook pages as well

Version 13.0.1:
– Removed webRequest permission from the manifest
Version 13.0.0:
– Changed the payment system to Gumroad (please read more about buying from Gumroad here
– Changed the way of getting messages, now one needs to use the mobile Facebook page
Version 12.0.0:
– Changed the way of getting messages from Facebook because the old API stopped working
Version 11.2.3:
– Fixed downloading from business pages in new Facebook look (functions get_doc_title in saveChat.js and set_my_id_and_token_fan_page in dateOptions.js)
Version 11.2.2:
– Fixed downloading older chats from business pages
– Added the Time intervals option
Version 11.1.8:
– Fixed downloading from business pages + downloading Filtered chats
Version 11.1.7:
– Fixed fetching high resolution images
Version 11.0.5:
– Fixed loading older chats.
Version 11.0.1:
– Improved data loading, fixed extension hanging.
Version 10.1.1:
– Added the display of reactions.
Version 10.0.2:
– Updated the set of emoji.
– Added image names to CSV format.


1) Go to the MOBILE Facebook messages page (

2) Choose the chat you want to save.

3) Right-click on the extension’s icon and choose ‘Options’. In the opened tab choose how you want your chat to be saved (as plain text, formatted HTML, CSV or a zip-file).

– If you choose ‘HTML’ images, stickers and other files in the chat will be embedded in the HTML file. They will still be kept in Facebook servers and might stop being displayed after some time due to their tokens expiration.

– If you choose the ‘zip file’ option, the chosen items (images, stickers, videos, etc.) will be saved locally to your computer and will be displayed in your chat as long as they are kept in the same folder as the HTML file. You can choose the type of files you want to save locally.

The Time Intervals option is for setting random time intervals between requests that the extension is sending to Facebook servers to fetch messages. The fastest option is No interval. However, with big chats Facebook might cut the extension requests if they are too many, because it considers them suspicious. In this case, try choosing another time interval from the options.

4) Return to the messages page and click the extension icon. You can choose the start and end dates of the download, to save a chat in parts.

5) When the chat is ready, it will either be saved automatically to the default folder for downloads, or you will be prompted to choose a folder on your computer to save the file to (this depends on the settings of your browser).


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Messages Saver for Facebook™
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