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Do you search for the definitions of the words, their examples of usage, synonyms or opposites? If you do, you probably do this using several dictionaries as all of them vary in content. Some of them please you with clear example sentences, others satisfy your thirst for more accurate definitions. This work requires you to enter the same word in each dictionary again and again with a long line of tabs open. We’ve decided to put an end to this and created the Mimic Dictionary!

With this extension, you can:

– enter a word into the search box and look it up in the dictionaries from the list on the sidebar with one tab open
– select words on websites and look them up in the dictionaries through the context menu
– compare the search results having opened several dictionary sites at a time


– changing the position of the sidebar on the screen
– changing the position of the toggle that unfolds the sidebar
– reordering the dictionaries on the sidebar
– dark theme

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Mimic dictionary
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