Minesweeper Classic


Play Classic Minesweeper Game for Google Chrome Browser. The best version of the classic mines game!

Minesweeper for Google Chrome Browser is the best version of the classic mines game! Play minesweeper free on your Chrome Browser! The classic game, just like you remember for free!

Version 1 of the game brings you a significantly better classic minesweeper game experience, now with global high scores and more mines & landmines! Challenge strangers and your friends for fastest times. Set the level of mines for a higher difficulty and give yourself a challenge!

To mark a mine use yout left click on mouse. Minesweeper classic free game. is one of the most interesting logic games.

Minesweeper difficulties:
Board sizes
• 8×8
• 12×12
• 16×16
• 20×20
• 30×30
• 40×40

Mines count
• From 5 to 150

Enjoy the game and avoid the mines! After installation just click on Minesweeper icon to start game.

Minesweeper Classic
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