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Morse Chrome™


Morse Chrome is a Chrome™ extension for playing webpages in morse code! Simply highlight the text you want, right click, and select “Play Morse!”

* Add optional popup to show you the morse code symbols as they play. Disable in the Options page.

* Fixed encoding for period.

New in 0.3.2:
* Fixed annoying bug where beeps would sometimes keep going at the end.

New in 0.3.0 and 0.3.1:
* Timing should be more accurate now, using the hew HTML5 AudioContext
* Fix timing between numbers and punctuation.
* This should make it pretty easy to add a “stop” feature in the next version, so stay tuned!

New in 0.2.1:
* Numbers and symbols have been added
* Fixed icon transparency
* You can now customize the words per minute and beep frequency set under the “options” page! Go to your extensions settings in Chrome and select “Options” under Morse Chrome.

Future Features: (if I have time)
* Display characters as they are encoded
* Cancel/stop playback


Morse Chrome™
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