Nervatura Touch


It can handle any type of business related information, starting from customer details, up to shipping, stock or payment information.

Touch-optimized and responsive graphical user interface for all devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC). Optimal for 7-14 inch screen sizes, but surely can be used on larger or smaller screens as well. Especially recommended for 2-in-1 hybrid devices or other dockable tablet models.

The structure targets clarity and simplicity. It has been designed to offer flexible search options, includes functions like Bookmark and History to improve usage speed. Built-in Help related to a certain function is easily accessible from all interfaces of the program.

Simple way to export reports. The program includes a built in Report Editor which provides the possibility to modify the existing Nervatura Report templates or based on these create new ones. You can change for example the layout and text of your quotation or invoice, furthermore can place your own logo on them as well.

When Nervatura Touch is installed it can be used in two different modes: with local database or with remote database located on a server (latter one requires Nervatura Framework):

Login to LOCAL DATABASE mode: It is designed to enable the user to try out all essential program functionalities in practice. Of course, it is also possible that the created local database is used not only for testing, however this might involve serious security risk. Choose this option only if continuous data backup save is ensured and the possibility of data misuse can be excluded.

Login to NETWORK MODE: Use it as a Nervatura Framework Client. The Nervatura Framework is an open-source business management framework. The database can be on your own server or a in cloud provider storage.

The Nervatura Touch currently supports the following management tasks:
~ DOCUMENT: offer, order, worksheet, rental, invoice, receipt
~ PAYMENT: bank statement, petty cash
~ STOCK CONTROL: delivery, stock transfer, correction, tool movement, production, formula
~ RESOURCES: customer, product, employee, tool, project
~ ADMIN: default settings, doc. numbering, access rights, menu shortcuts, database log
~ DATABASE: additional data, groups, place, currency, tax, company
~ USER: program settings, change password
~ BUILT-IN report editor, help, barcode (QR code) scan, bookmarks

Nervatura Touch
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