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nFollowers – Unfollowers Tracker


They don’t let you know when somebody unfollows you on Instagram. Now you can see which friends removed you from their Insta following list.

This extension is a helper tool for Instagram that you can use for:
– checking Instagram followers to follows dashboard for your social account
– checking who doesn’t follow you back in response
– tracking new subscribers

– we currently can not handle accounts with large amount of followers (around 3000+), process will stuck in the middle of the scan. Fixing this is a work in progress for the next versions
– extension doesn’t ask you for your login/password pair. It just utilizes your current browser session
– no notification about new unfollow yet. Unfriend notify it also a feature in development

How this plugin exactly works:
– it runs through your social graрh building clear dashboard of follows and followers data

nFollowers – Unfollowers Tracker
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