Nod Web Clipper


Login to your Nod account via the extension and add information to your documents from anywhere on the web.


The Nod Extension

Use the Nod extension to save information from your research and client fact find process into your Nod documents.

– Generate new complete documents without leaving the webpages you use in your daily work
– Save information from any web-page to documents in Nod
– Incorporate information from any number of web-pages into one document

Nod will draft your document in real time as you save information via the extension.

After completing your research – simply navigate to the Nod platform to review and download your completed document.


The Nod Platform

Making complex documents simple!

Nod is a document production platform delivering efficiency, transparency and control to financial advisers, paraplanners and enterprises.

Automate any document including:
– Statements of Advice
– Records of Advice
– Strategy Documents
– Quarterly Reports

Document Automation

Build your own document automation workflows to create complex documents quickly and accurately, eliminating manual editing.

Smart Content Management

Categorise and organise your document content. Make adjustments as you create each document to improve your efficiency over time.

Data-Driven Editing and Review

Navigate your document easily using the key data within it. Create bespoke reports from document data to ensure compliance to regulations and best practice standards.

Customisable Workflows

Design and optimise your own data entry processes to save time. Get control of the document production process and ensure predictable turnaround times.


Handmade with love in Sydney, Australia

Nod Web Clipper
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