Obscura reduces blue light from web pages, making it easier to fall asleep.

Simple controls: on/off button, and a color picker.

Respects your privacy: no trackers, no ads.

Permissions: this type of extension requires the “can read and change your data” permission, even though it does not actually read any of your data. That’s why I wrote this extension, and it’s why I try to keep the code short – so anyone can look at the code and be sure it is not doing anything nefarious.

Note: that this type of extension does not work on the Chrome Web Store pages, you’ll have to visit a normal page to see the effect.

You’re encouraged to examine and audit the code yourself, it’s relatively short at 58 total lines of JavaScript.

Source code available (MIT License):

Changelog (starting with version 3.1, see gitlab commit messages for more detail).
3.1: Chrome fixed their issue with PDFs not playing nice with extensions, so I was able to remove some special case code. Nice when an update is smaller than the previous version.
3.2: bugfix – typo caused entire extension to not work. Solution: remove typo.
3.3: Remove debug console messages, remove unused code, remove div id.
3.3.1: Work around some websites not respecting the “hidden” attribute of obscura’s div, and as a result made the code shorter and simpler. Win-win!

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