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Keyboard better navigation for OGS (, the best online platform for playing the game of Go. Now, instead of only being able to play the ancient game online with your mouse, you can do it with your keyboard as well. Other handy shortcuts are also included.

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This extension currently only works if you have all the coordinates turned on.

– Ctrl + \: Global switch: enables or disables the whole extension
– Ctrl + m: Toggle the chat input box on a game page
– Ctrl + b: Toggle the canvas overlay with the stone marker
– Ctrl + ]: Toggle the arrow keys
– w or ↑: Move the stone marker up
– a or ←: Move the stone marker left
– s or ↓: Move the stone marker down
– d or →: Move the stone marker right
– Enter or f: Click on the stone marker’s location
– Ctrl + [: Pass
– Ctrl + ;: Toggle AI Analysis
– Ctrl + ,: Cycle through the different board sizes
– Ctrl + .: Toggle the coordinates input field

OGS Kbd Nav
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