Omegless Studio


“Omegless” is a new, unobtrusive, user-friendly interface for that preserves the existing functionality & data of Omegle yet builds a lot of extra functionality on top of it.

“Omegless” is fast, lightweight & secure. We care about your privacy.

Studio version features:

– Videochat: Screenshot partner
– Videochat: Record partner

+ TV version features:

– Full screen;
– Day / night mode toggle;
– Videochat: Auto-skip simulated & no cameras (bots cameras coming soon*);
– Autoreconnect;

+ Free version features:

– Cleaner, uncluttered, simplified user-interface;
– Removed ads, watermarks and any other noise from the old UI;
– Chat sounds;
– Greeting message;

## F.A.Q

### Studio

Q: What formats are the recorded files saved in?
A: WebMedia (.webm). Players such as VLC, mPlayer can play it or it could be easily converted to other more popular formats such as .mp4 or .wmv;

Q: How does media recorder work?
A: At the moment it only records the partner’s video and audio. The control button is a toggle which you can trigger anytime and the recorder always pauses if there is no data fed to it. After every partner a (.webm) file saves in your Downloads folder.

Q: Does the extension work in “Incognito mode”?
A: Yes. To enable it in Incognito mode, click Details on the extension from the chrome://extensions page and check ‘Enable in Incognito’;

Q: Will the ‘Esc’ key still work in ‘Full-screen mode’?
A: Unfortunately not. To skip partners you would have to click the Disconnect button twice as usual. We are working on improving this.

More features are on their way for all versions.
For feedback / suggestions / critiques please e-mail us.
Purchasing now grants you lifetime updates.

Omegless Studio
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