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Omnibug is a Chrome extension built to ease developing and QAing today’s marketing technologies. Each outgoing request (sent by the browser) is checked for a pattern; if a match occurs, the URL is displayed in a DevTools panel, and decoded to show the details of the request. In addition, requests can be exported as a Tab or CSV file.

Out of the box, it can recognize most major Analytics & UX testing platforms and we’re always working on adding more.

Omnibug has been in use worldwide since 2007.

Recent Release Notes (You can view all of our release notes at
– v1.17.3: Bug fixes for Adobe Media SDK v3, Ensighten test URLs
– v1.17.2: Bug fixes for Adobe Media SDK v3
– v1.17.1: Bug fixes for Adobe Launch, Settings
– v1.17.0: Added TikTok and Demandbase as new providers, support for Mparticle v3, and first-party implementations of Google Analytics. Highlighted rows in dark mode and copying in Chrome now work.
– v1.16.1: Renamed Universal Analytics to Google Analytics, Fixed issues with the App+Web deployment method
– v1.16.0: Added Lytics as a new provider

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