Panda Wallpapers HD/4K Panda Themes


Panda Wallpapers HD/4K Panda Themes Offered by

Empowering Your New-Tab Experience!

Install our Super-Addon and enjoy amazing HD/4K Panda wallpapers & Panda Themes with every New Tab you open.

In addition our Super-Addon will power up your new-tab page with some awesome features:

* HD/4K Panda Wallpapers (Panda Themes)

and much more…

* News – With a single click you will be able to read the latest news stories on:

– World News
– Sport News
– Technology News
– Entertainment News
– Science News
– Health News

* Games – Play thousands of free online games (100 Games):

– Fun Games
– Puzzle Games
– Action Games
– Sport Games
– Flash Games
– Adventure Games
– Multiplayer Games

And much more..

* Apps – Get all of your popular Apps in one place.

– Facebook
– Twitter
– Yahoo
– Youtube
– Instagram
– Tumblr
– Reddit
– Snapchat
– WhatsApp
– Gmail
– Google Drive
– Google Maps
– Google Plus

And much more…

* History – Easily navigate and search your browser history.

* Bookmarks – View all your bookmarks in one place.

So what are you waiting for! Install HD/4K Panda Wallpapers (Panda Themes) NOW!

Panda Wallpapers HD/4K Panda Themes
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