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Pinboard Bookmark Bar Sync 1.1


URGENT: Chrome 19 broke the login. Version fixes this issue.

This extension does a one-way (two-way optional), on-demand (auto-sync optional) copy from your Pinboard bookmarks to the Google Chrome Bookmark Bar. This is done on a tag by tag basis – you select which tags to copy.

Tags are created as folders on the bookmark bar, and those folders are filled with your Pinboard bookmarks.

For two way copying (back to Pinboard), just create new bookmarks in the bookmark bar folders (the ones that the extension created) and check the sync back option.

Release 1.1.1 (Version Notes:
1) Minor bug fixes.
2) Updated to Chrome Extension Manifest Version 2.

Release 1.0.1 (Version Notes:
1) Fixed Chrome 19 login issue.

Release 1.0 (Version Notes:
1) Fixed a login bug.

Beta 9.8 (Version Notes:
1) Rolled back the empty tag/folder removal feature because the Pinboard API sometimes returns no bookmarks when some do exist. Empty tags selected for syncing will be synched as empty folders. Note that removing folders for deleted tags is still implemented.
2) Added a setting for the maximum number of tag columns (the maximum used to hardwired at 5).

Beta 9.7 (Version Notes:
1) Added a quick link to Pinboard itself.
2) Added support for deleted tags (folders are removed in Chrome).
3) Made the sync-back description text optional.
4) Added option for how long to save a password.

Beta 9.6 (Version Notes:
1) Fixed issue where a bookmark could not appear in 2 different tag folders.
2) Fixed several typos.

Beta 9.5 (Version Notes:
1) Added optional auto-sync (operates anytime Chrome is running).
2) Added background processing of tasks.
3) Fixed bug affecting tags with non-English character sets.
4) Added scroll bar for tags area to improve handling of large numbers of tags.
5) Improved start-up responsiveness in certain login situations.

Beta 9.2 (Version Notes:
1) Fixed error on non-English Chrome versions.

Pinboard Bookmark Bar Sync 1.1
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