Play Sleuth Noir Add-On


Play Sleuth Noir is the classic mystery solving game by Hypothetical Software. This add-on gives players of that game an enhanced experience.

Add-On Features:
1) Prevent accidental double clicks

2) Monochromatic colours on Detective Notes

3) “Rule out Alibi” button to rule out all real alibis, researched, and dead

4) Quick Action links on Map page
a) Consult Fortune Teller to see whether all suspects are revealed
b) Research the Case without going to the City Hall

5) After checking a person for witness evidence, check another without hitting the back button

6) After checking physical evidence against a suspect, check another without hitting the back button

7) Automation in the following scenarios:
a) Lock pick a suspect, if available on visit
b) You will ask your contact about the case on first visit
c) You will ask your contact about alibis, if available

9) Custom Color Themes – Build your own too

10) Additional links on login and news page

11) Quote messages in Sleuth Mail

Note: Themes have now been disabled in the main extension file. It is not available as a seperate download.

Play Sleuth Noir Add-On
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