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A Google Chrome Extension for playing online content on Kodi. Supported sites include YouTube,, AnimeLab and many more.

-Kodi Eden (v11) or later
-The relevant plugin installed on Kodi
-YouTube plugin must be version 4.4.4 or later

How to use:
– “Play now” button sends the currently playing video of your active tab to Kodi. If there are videos currently in a queue, it would be cleared and the current video would be played.
– “+Queue (X)” button puts the video of your current tab to the end of the playlist on Kodi. A number in parenthesis shows the number of items currently in the queue.
– “+Favourite” button keeps the video of your current tab in your favourite list for easy access.
– Drag and drop your favourites to rearrange them.
– With the extension window open, you can use some of your keyboard keys to remotely control Kodi. These keys are: Arrow keys, Backspace, Enter, “I” and “C”.
– Right click on YouTube links to play or queue.

– Your data on all websites: Needed so that the extension could send JSON requests to any URL that you might put in the settings.
– Your tabs and browsing activity: Used only for getting the URL of the current tab so that we could use it to obtain the video id for sending to Kodi.

– On Kodi, go under System > Settings > Services > Webserver
– Enable “Allow control of Kodi via HTTP, leave the port as default or set it to something else (if you know what you’re doing). Write down the port number.
– Username and password are optional
– Right click on the ‘Play to Kodi’ icon and select ‘Options’
– Put in the IP address or hostname of your Kodi box and fill in the port number with the port number you wrote down earlier. Fill in the username and password if you entered one into Kodi.
– Visit YouTube, watch some videos and click on the ‘Play to Kodi’ icon to play them on Kodi.

Alternatively, you could also visit the source code on
to submit issue tickets.

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Play to Kodi
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