PonyUpz is the further developed version of the PonyUp extension originally developed by Arcs. This extension’s continuing goal is to provide a better user experience for Ponychan and Lunachan. This uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript to add additional features to Ponychan and Lunachan in the interest of making the site easier to use, and adding fun features.

Features are all optional, and can be configured per board.
• Replybox for quick reply with configurable sections
• Hide tripcode for screenshots and from prying eyes
• Thread Saver utility to hide posts for screenshotting
• Automatically update threads (configurable refresh time)
• Show replies to posts in threads
• Animate gifs on the page
• Show google reverse image search link
• Show tineye reverse image search link
• Show one click save link
• Show image download link
• Show exif data link
• Approximate date image was saved on hover
• Expand images on hover
• Use lightbox to display images
• Scroll to bottom of page after posting
• Add +50 reply links to board pages
• Enhanced Theme Selector with preview

PonyUpz is actively developed and user requests and comments are welcomed here, or via the website linked in the details, or anywhere else you can find to do so.

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