PPL Extension


Jungle Scout and Scope extension that adds Proven Private Label (PPL) functionality. See a Pass or Fail based on PPL guidelines right inside Jungle Scout or Scope. This extension does require a small one time fee. If you have not already purchased, you can get information about it here:

IMPORTANT! You are not getting Jungle Scout or Scope with this extension. You must already have one of those two products.

2.0.37 :
Move PPL results to bottom of Jungle Scout.
Fix review highlighting.
2.0.35 : Fix to work with new Jungle Scout extension.
2.0.34 : Fix Chrome 73 bug where license was getting lost.
2.0.33 : Added Amazon CA support.
2.0.32 : Add halloween pass images.
2.0.31 : Fix sales not showing for Jungle Scout.
2.0.30 : Hopefully fix issue with license key being requested again.
2.0.29 : Fix issue with links from Scope. Added Amazon DE, FR, IT and ES support.
2.0.28 : Fix issue with average price not calculating in the UK.
2.0.27 : Fix problem of spaces in license key.
2.0.26 : Fix for Jungle Scout and
2.0.25 : Added Scope support. Added explanation of results. Added copy icon for copying results that can be pasted into Excel or Google Sheet.
1.3.18 : Add frowning Ryan for Fails.
1.2.1 : Bug fixes
1.2.0 : Now updated while JS is loading results, giving a preview of the PPL score. Will now recalculate after deleting a product. Will copy and paste Excel formatted results by clicking the PPL score text.
1.1.0 : Added options screen to allow setting your own PPL parameters.
1.0.2 : First Release

PPL Extension
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