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The PTIGlobal QC extension provides seamless integration with PTIGlobal’s Quality Center Service. If you are a customer and are using PTIGlobal’s Quality Center services to analyze translation content quality, quality trends and linguist or provider performance, then you can use the extension to streamline the data intake and interaction with review content.

★ Integration with various TMS systems.
The PTIGlobal QC extension is designed to work with TMS systems.

At this point we are supporting:
➤ SDL TMS, for specific versions, please contact us as we can provide API integration to enhance the experience.

Future integrations are planned to support additional widely used Translation Management Platforms. To check if your system is on our roadmap, please contact us.

★ Through the integration with TMS system the tool offers quick intake of existing source and target translation content. It will allow the linguistic reviewer to quickly categorize any issues with the assigned quality model, provide suggested corrections and also provide commentary as feedback.

★ Existing logged issue tracking
If multiple reviewers touch the same content, the extension will be able to provide previous reported issues against a particular segment to avoid duplications and to provide a way to add additional commentary, or to allow the user who originally created the report to modify the it’s validity/status.

★ Quality Information (BI) Dashboarding
The data gathered through the extension allows project or program stakeholders to review Quality data, interact on indiviual reports or critical quality situations and review quality trending data by language, linguist, project etc. For more inforamtion on the back-end functionality, please get in touch with PTIGlobal.

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PTIGlobal QC Extension
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