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The New Weather Alerter!

The main purpose of Weather Alerts is to bring you desktop alerts of the National Weather Service. This extension will monitor the NOAA NWS feed for you and will notify you of any alerts you would like to see.

Let us know what you think of our beta version of the application. Email us at [email protected]

1.0.3 – Fixes for the duplication of alerts during severe weather
1.0.2 – Updated Alert URL
1.0.1 – Update Alert URL
1.0.0 – The official release of Public Alerter
0.13.814.1009 – Updated to allow for javascript to work on options page and notification
0.13.813.2236 – Updated Manifest file to version 2
0.1.608.1614 – Fixed a bug that prevented current geolocation from working
0.1.607.2307 – Added ability to watch your current geolocation
0.1.607.1644 – Updated the options page.
0.1.501.1001 – Updated the options page. Also updated to a quicker way of showing alerts.
0.1.501.1000 – Added in browser action to show all active alerts for you watched zones. Set more reliable alerting.
0.1.428.1150 – Removed all restrictions on number of zones to watch and how many warnings to show. This is temporary during beta.

DISCLAIMER: You should always have a weather radio available to you. This application is set up to provide you with alerts for informational purposes only. In case of severe weather, you should always check with local radio/tv stations as well.

Public Alerter
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