A tool designed to have a better control of you army, knowing in every moment where and when somebody has hit.
Detailed military stats, avoiding eRepublik API problems.

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Version 1.2.6

» Updated to new ranks

Version 1.2.3 (MAJOR RELEASE)

» Compatible with new eRepublik layout
» Detects [egov#MU] and [egov#CS] tags to modify in-game army and/or citizenship
» Relocated “Pulse button” to be compatible with upcoming PVP module
» Updated to support new weapon types and boosters
» Fixed bug that caused incorrect max-hit being shown when rank was GoW* or greater
» Order window relocated and moveable
» Many more small improvements

Version 1.2.0 (MAJOR RELEASE)

» Integrated with new egov4you website
» Added support to Q7 weapons and rockets
» Current weapon damage added to the battlefield window
» Re-added country alliance tag in battlefield window
» Moved “Pulse button” so it doesn’t overlap with rocket button
» Useful info and links added to player profile page
» Added MU and citizenship reporting to sent data

Version 1.1.25
– Updated to match new server

Version 1.1.23
-Fixed so it works again after latest game changes
-Maxhit moved

Version 1.1.22
– Maxhit now shown at the left of the battle window so it doesn’t hide given damage
– Maxhit now shows Q6 damage
– Pulse button automatically placed depending on the “influence given screen” being shown or not
– Facebook “I like” button moved so it doesn’t hide battle orders

Version 1.1.21
– Fixed bug which prevented elections captcha to appear

Version 1.1.20
– Fixed bug making extension to fail when queue was corrupted
– Fight data sent now to port 443 instead of port 81 to increase compatibility with certain proxies
– Increased performance
– Mercenary data info shown in military campaigns!

* Version 1.1.14
– Using direct IP instead of DNS to send data to server

* Version 1.1.13
– Due to server being overloaded, battle orders now auto-update only every 30 minutes.
– Refresh button on battle orders allowing to manually refresh orders (cached for 5 minutes)

* Version 1.1.12
– Solved bug where stopped capturing fights when country stats could not be fetched
– Green fight button removed; now fight button is disabled
– Capture detection has been greatly improved so it should take 1-2 seconds at most to be checked

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