Quick Search Tool (Beta)


Quick access to yahoo searches from your browser search bar or recent searches toolbar.

This extension configures your default search setting to Quick Search Tool (Beta) with results powered by Yahoo!. You will also get a recent and trending searches toolbar to make searching even easier!

This extension can be uninstalled at any time.

THIS IS A EXTENSION USED FOR BETA TESTING. The production version can be found at

Permissions & Reasons Used

Our extension only uses the minimum permissions required.

Install Dialog:

“Read and change your data on all sites”
Permission: “://*”
Reason: “This allows our extension to work properly. We only request access to the website our extension runs on.”
“Change your search settings to:”
Reason: “This allows us to offer you useful searching capability from the address bar with results that go to Yahoo!”
“Read your browsing history”
Permission: “Tabs”
Reason: “We use tabs to ensure we can offer you additional optional products. We do not store or transmit any of your browsing history.”

Additional Permissions Used:

Permission: “Cookies”
Reason: “Cookies are used to ensure you get the right user experience when you install our extension. Our extension only grabs the cookies we set on our pages.”
Permission: “Storage”
Reason: “Used to save technical information locally on the extension to ensure you see the right content.”
Permission: “webRequestBlocking” and “webRequest”
Reason: “This allows us to properly show you the search results you are looking for by sending you to the right place. Without it you would end up seeing the wrong Yahoo search results.”

Quick Search Tool (Beta)
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