Rally Plus


Chrome extension that allows to be in sync with Rally directly from your browser!

* Create your own queries
* Be notified when something changes in your query results
* Track estimations
* Defect, Epic, Feature, User Story, Task, Test Case, Test Set
* Capture Visible Tab, annotate and attach it to an existing Rally item
* Retrieve items from the active tab or the clipboard
* Excel Export

*** UPDATES ***
0.1.27: Upgrade to Polymer 2 RC + improved file size
0.1.28: Fixed refresh issue after query edit
0.1.29: Not display user image in the list when it is grouped by user
0.1.30/31/32: More flexibility on filter expressions (parenthesis not required unless to manage operator priorities) + help on available properties
0.1.33: Collapsible groups and Search !
0.1.34: Search directly by typing + notification icons updated
0.1.35: Small improvements
0.1.36: Notifications history + Text-To-Speech option
0.1.37: Filtering the Notifications pane (All or Current Query)
0.1.38: (Beta) Capture the visible tabs + edit + push as attachment of an existing Work item
0.1.39: Fixed Font issue on Capture + Keep customization during an editing session in Capture
0.1.40: Detail in Work item + Keep capture customization
0.1.41: Small improvements + fixes
0.1.42: Added info for defects, epics, features, user stories & tasks
0.1.43: Preview on attached images
0.1.44: Upgrade technical implementation (who cares ;-))
0.1.45: GIF Capture! + purge notification history older than 15 days + query optimizations
0.1.46: Fix Exceeded quota when capturing in GIF
0.1.47: Removed “” permission request
0.1.48: Animations when the query returns no items (for fun) + allows to create capture (screenshots and GIF) without a Rally API Key
0.1.49: Query Results redesign, performance improvements and upgrade technical dependencies
0.1.50-51: Test Sets, Test Case Detail, More Redesign, Defects
0.1.52: Add attachment & post discussion message in detail screen
0.1.53: Clipboard – Detect Rally work items in the Clipboard and allows to copy items
0.1.54: Excel Export
0.1.55: Active Page content, Export on clipboard items and page content, reorganize queries, …
0.1.56: Returns Active Page items and Clipboard items in the correct order (keep duplicates) and fixed issue in the badges positioning
0.1.57: New information in query results and in detail screens. Ability to navigate within detail screens.
0.1.58: More information related to test and improved navigation
0.1.59: Query for Change sets and display change sets associated to Rally work items
0.1.60: Aggregation on groups and chart view (donut)
0.1.61 & 0.1.62 & 0.1.63: Bar chart and performance/cosmetic improvements
0.1.64: Change status from query results (task, defect and user story)
0.1.65: Fix display of children + aggregated value in excel export
0.1.66: User Stories from the Feature detail screen + select columns in excel export
0.1.67: N/A
0.1.68: Calendar heatmap in revisions and small ui changes

This extension is using Google Analytics to track usage (screen names & actions) and eventually improve the User Experience. We do not track Rally data or personal information. By installing this extension, you accept the usage tracking.

Do not hesitate to send feature requests or to report bugs on the forum page !!forum/rally-plus

Rally Plus
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