Reddit Link Opener


This Extension will open all Links on the currently opened Reddit/Subreddit Page

It works on all Subreddits and the Frontpage.


1.0.0 : Initial Release
1.0.1 : Bug Fix: “Only works on the Firstpage”
1.0.2 : Bug Fix: “Opens also links from ‘recent viewed’ ”
1.0.3 : Now works for all Subreddits
1.0.4 : Only unvisited (new) Links will be opened. Can be changed on Option Page.
1.0.5 : You can choose a limit to new Tabs, default is 25. New Design For Options.
1.0.6 : Check for NFSW tag in the link Title.
1.0.7 : Removed Debug Messages.
1.0.8 : Add Keyboard Shortcut Support. Customize Shortcut in the Options. Default is Ctrl+Shift+F.
1.0.9 : Add option to Open comments.
1.0.10: Add option to Open Links directly.
1.0.11: Bugfix.
1.1.0 : Open Reddit Companion Bar automatically
1.2.0 : When no new links are found change automatically to next page – also many bugfixes
1.2.1 : Remove Debug message
1.2.2 : Goto next Page works correct now (All links purple->Press MeGusta->change to the next page)
1.2.3 : Fix Bug: Only open even links
1.2.4 : Updated to Manifest 2 and changed Name of the Extension to “Reddit Link Opener”
1.3.0 : Open only links/comments that are visible (e.g. hidden by another extensions)
1.4.0 : Do not open links that are marked as visited through Reddit Gold
1.5.0 : Mark links visited on another computer with Gold correctly
1.5.1 : Fix links not being marked as visited and opened more than once
1.6.0 : Add option to open and image links directly
1.7.0 : Apply band-aid fix to support the new reddit layout
1.7.1 : Add compatibility support for old reddit layout and


Tabs: This Permission is needed to open new Tabs.
History: This Permission is needed to check if you already visited a link.


Credits to leblonk for the code of his “Open All Selected Links” Extension.

Reddit Link Opener
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