Redmine Lazy Applicant


This plug-in helps to enter work in the ticket registration screen of Redmine.

The input contents of the ticket registration form, you can be registered as a template.
If you call the registered template, to reflect the contents registered in the item of ticket registration form.
If you set the registered template to the default, and then automatically reflected when you view the ticket registration form.

◆How to Use
1. Install the plug-in to Chrome.
⇒ At this moment, there is no noticeable change in the PC.

〜Store Template〜
1. Displays the Redmine ticket registration form.
⇒ It added part by the plug-in will sway from side to side
2. The ticket registration form, and then edit the content that you want to store as a template.
3. Enter the name of the template.
4. Click the Store icon.
⇒ The template is stored in the plug-in

〜Use of templates〜
1. Displays the Redmine ticket registration form.
2. By calling the stored template, and then restore the ticket registration form the state of the template.

◆Other features
Add the “used assignee list” item to the ticket registration form.
This list lists only the assignee who carried out certain operations, such as “assignee that was specified at the time of ticket registration”.
“While a lot of the user belongs to the project, assign not only a plurality of assignee” in the case, such as the selection of personnel easier.

This plug-in provides the only input auxiliary ticket registration form of Redmine.
Because it does not interfere with the Redmine ticket registration feature, also it does not change the use of the Redmine after the introduction plug-ins.

All processing will have to complete on the client side.
Do not need modify server setting, install server side plugin, Redmine-WebAPI.

Detailed descriptions, please refer to the following site.

Redmine Lazy Applicant
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