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RedOrbit HbbTV Emulator


HbbTV applications can be finally tested and viewed within the Chrome browser.

Just install the add-on and type in the HbbTV app URL you want to test into the address bar. The HbbTV app will be recognized automatically if the MIME content type is set to “application/vnd.hbbtv.xhtml+xml”. The add-on icon will be activated (colored)

If the content type is not set to “application/vnd.hbbtv.xhtml+xml” but you still want to test an HbbTV app, the RedOrbit HbbTV Emulator can be activated manually, in clicking the greyed out add-on icon.

Key Features:

– Support of the following key codes

Red: R
Green: G
Yellow: Y
Blue: B
OK: Enter
Back: Backspace
Play: K
Pause: P
Play/Pause: Space
Stop: S
Fast Forward: D
Fast Backward: A

– Playback of mp4 Videos (Dash support is in planning)
– Embedded broadcast signal will be simulated with a waterfall video played in loop

RedOrbit HbbTV Emulator
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