RedSet add the possibility to synchronize the music and the video with friends

Beta 1.5.1 Patch note:
Servers are now secured with Cloudflare,
Party Share patch.

Beta 1.5.1 Patch note:
More stability for all the platforms,
Patched a big problem with the synchronization of Disney+

Beta 1.5 Patch note:
Welcome to RedSet 0.8.0 !
Introducing Party Share:
You can now share favorite movie/music to a selected discord server ! (all the discord server
who are displayed are verified RedSet partners).
Added: A new cool animation when you copie your party code
Patch: Minor Bugs
Deleted: We are no longer in the Amazon affiliate program.
An internal tool have also been developed, this tool will help us to monitor the extension.

Beta 1.4 patch note:
Added: New chat working on Disney+
Patched: Sound were not working when joining a party (Christmas event)

Beta 1.3 patch note:
Added: New chat is now working on Netflix !! (you can now enjoy RedSet in full screen with a nice chat!)
Added a Christmas event : You have 10% chance to have a sound when joining a party and an other 20% of chance to have a sound also when joining a party. We also added some visual effect.
Patch: Disney+ is now working correctly
Patch: Ebay is now working fine with affiliation links

Beta 1.2.9 Patch note:
Patch: Auto leave,
Patch: bug on the old tchat

Beta 1.2 Patch note:
Added: NEW CHAT !(only on YouTube for now, other platforms are coming in the coming weeks, it will also be updated with new features.)
Added: Fiverr Affiliate
Patch: No more bugs with Ebay
Patch: No more bugs with Nord VPN
Patch: Latency reduced on Deezer
Patch: No more bug when you are deleting a party

Beta 1.1 Patch note:
Patch: “Hold mod” is now working fine
Patch: Disney+ now working fine
Patch: Other little visual effects…
(Yes Spotify is coming soon)

Beta 1 Patch note:
-RedSet is now in the Public zone of the Chrome Web Store !
-We have now a lot more affiliation links with Amazon
-We are now Partner with Nord VPN, Ali Express and Express VPN (more coming soon)
-Added An “auto party leave”, if you close your party tab your party will be automatically deleted.
-Added Deezer (Finally)
-Added maintenance mod –> If the RedSet servers are on hold, the extension will be automatically locked.
New: The Discord is now in English and in French (

-Patch: Netflix and Disney+ are now working fine if your are not in the same country.
-Patch: We patched almost all CSS bugs in the extension.(please send us a feed back if you have trouble with button placement or other visual things at [email protected])
-Patch: troubles with Amazon when you try to sign in.(The affiliation system had some difficulty… )
-Patch: Latency have been reduced.

Coming soon: New Tchat !
Coming very very soon: New website !

Alpha 3.5 patch note:
Affiliation links or now working fine.
We made some optimizations in the html.
New design for the settings
We patched a little bug with YouTube

Alpha 3 patch note:
-Added YouTube
-Patched some minor and big bugs
-Added Auto synchronization
-More stability for Disney+
-affiliations link are not stable for now (next update)
-Deleted unused pages

Alpha 2 Patch note:
– Updated Netflix scripts,
– updated css,
– Modifications of “join party”, “join party wait sync”, “join party ready”,
– Minor modifications on pages,
– Deleted unused pages,
– Pathed minor begs,
– Added/modification of the affiliation links,
– Added some scripts,
– Added Disney+

Additional information: RedSet is not an open source project and any use of the source code for any commercial or personnal use is prohibited.

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