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AI Powered RPA Platform

Robomotion is a web-based and cloud-native Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform. RPA is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the notion of software robots or artificial intelligence. Robomotion is a low-code automation platform available as a hosted or on prem version.

Automate Your Manual Tasks

Any manual, repeated and rule-based task that can be described step-by-step can be automated. By mimicking the way humans interact with desktop or web apps, RPA turns your computers into your digital workers.

The designed flows are executed by so-called “software robots” – an agent software that is installed into your computer -. With software robots you can automate any rule-based tasks that you do on your desktop using either web or desktop applications.

Software robots can work on;

– Low value added tasks
– Operational, repetitive and precision requested works
– Manual intensive processes
– Manual workarounds
– IT systems that don’t talk to each other, etc.

Start Saving, Remove Errors, Enhance Your Work.

Robomotion RPA is a relatively simple technology that sits on top of current software. It doesn’t take months or years to deploy. After a couple of days of Flow Designing, your robot will be ready to go. Software robots reduce costs significantly, eliminate errors and do not make any mistakes.

Web And Desktop Automation

Robomotion provides 35+ integrations with the tools you use for daily tasks. Slack, Chrome, Firefox, SAP, Excel etc. are some of them. You can connect desktop applications with web browsers to create end-to-end automations. Gathering data from the web, storing into excel, processing data and sending email reports are common tasks that can be designed into a flow easily with Robomotion. After designing flows you can schedule them to run daily, weekly or whenever you need by software robots.

Platform Independent

Robomotion is platform independent at both OS and programming language level. You can use Robomotion on Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. It is easy to learn and start using. With Robomotion, you can use 5 different languages (C#, Golang, Java, Javascript and Python) to create your custom nodes.

Start For Free

Find out your daily repeated workflows. Create your flows with our low-code, browser based, drag and drop tools. Schedule your flows to run on specific times or trigger them with external events.

Start reducing costs and start saving valuable time right after delegating your tasks to our software robots.

Start now for free!

Robomotion RPA
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