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This extension adds important data to the DraftKings Lobby, Lineups and Contests pages such as contest payout structures and player exposure. Additional features are available for RotoGrinders’ DraftKings premium subscribers.

version 3.33: Fixed the contest payout details.

version 3.32: Added RG Smash percentage and Notorious’ Golfer Ratings to the premium menus for NBA and PGA, respectively.

version 3.31: Added sport-specific products.

version 3.30: Updated premium filters and event handlers.

version 3.29: Updates to the lineups page URL

version 3.28: Updates to the salary cap space remaining feature.

version 3.27: Updated the player match code.

version 3.26: Updates to the premium menus and latest in flex feature.

version 3.25: Added access for the core + specialist product ID.

version 3.24: Fixed the premium menu display for team sports. Added Top 5 and Top 20 probabilities to the PGA premium menu.

version 3.23: Updated the premium menu to work on the lineup creation page.

version 3.22: Improved the player exposure display.

version 3.21: Updated the Contests page to support ResultsDB links on the new page layout.

version 3.20: Updated the selectors on the Lineups page so that the player exposure and lineup naming features will work again.

version 3.19: Added pOWN to the premium filters display in the RG menu.

version 3.18: Added opponent hover to the postentry page in the lobby.

version 3.17: Removed floor and ceiling from the premium menu.

version 3.16: Added RG Value to the NBA premium menu. Added a tooltip to flex swap highlights.

version 3.15: Removed floor, ceiling, and projected ownership from the NHL premium menu.

version 3.14: Display premium filters based on the slate.

version 3.13: Turned the NFL premium menu back on. Added support for the “Conviction Plays” expert filter.

version 3.12: Turned off the NFL premium outputs until the end of the preseason.

version 3.11: Added lineup names to lineup cards in the lobby. Also, removed the FanShare Buzz Score from the NFL menu and added RG Value and Kevin Roth’s weather reports for NFL premium users.

version 3.10: Updated the ResultsDB links to link to the correct contest.

version 3.9: Added a “Group by slate” player exposure filtering option. Added the ability to include/exclude each lineup from the exposure count.

version 3.8: Added CPT Fpts multiplier. Added a “Defense vs. Archetype” option to the NBA premium menu. Fixed a case where player exposure wasn’t being displayed.

version 3.7: Improvements to lineup naming on the new Lineups page.

version 3.6: Updated the Lineups page to match DK’s latest changes.

version 3.5: Added Kevin Roth’s MLB weather ratings and forecasts to the build screen for premium users.

version 3.4: Prevent lineup names from disappearing.

version 3.3: Auto-refresh the player exposure on a scroll.

version 3.2: Added ‘Separate Game Styles’ player exposure option; multiple improvements to the new Lineups page.

version 3.1: More support for the new Lineups page. Added Top 10 Probability and Tee Times to the PGA premium menu.

version 3.0: Support for the new DK Lineups page. The extension is also backwards-compatible.

version 2.15: Fix premium access for new installations.

version 2.14: More changes to support slate-specific ownership.

version 2.13: Fixed a display issue with the NFL premium menu when editing a lineup.

version 2.12: Added support for slate-specific projected ownership in the premium menu. Also, the NHL premium menu now has a display option for each skater’s projected even strength and power play lines.

version 2.11: Added opponent hover in the lobby (for contests with 5 or fewer entrants). For premium users, the latest-starting player will be highlighted whenever he isn’t in the flex/util spot for a NFL, NHL, or NBA classic lineup.

version 2.10: Fixed a display issue with the RG Premium Filters.

version 2.9: Support for more URLs outside the U.S.; display the correct team totals for multi-week NFL contests; upgraded libraries.

version 2.8.1: Better detection of NBA contests on the DK create lineup screen (for the premium menu to be displayed).

version 2.8: Added FanShare Buzz Score to the NFL premium menu; added support for Showdown slates; introduced the ‘Salary Remaining %’ feature for NFL salary cap contests.

version 2.7.14: Fixed build error.

version 2.7.13: Support DK filtering by lineup status on the My Lineups page; force premium users to sign in again before the NFL season kicks off.

version 2.7.12: Detect NFL Showdown contests.

version 2.7.11: Made the team totals easier to read.

version 2.7.10: Made the “you have a player not in the starting lineup” banner a global option that can be turned on or off by the user at any time.

version 2.7.9: Added expert insights to the RG Premium Filters option. Display team totals (premium subs only) next to each team on the build screen. Also added home plate Umpire Rating as a premium option for MLB.

version 2.7.8: Added RG Premium Filters to the premium menu. Also added Floor/Ceiling as a premium option for MLB.

version 2.7.7: Fixed the Plate IQ score.

version 2.7.6: Don’t show the ‘not in starting lineup’ warning for players on completed lineups.

version 2.7.5: Added resultsDB links to live & completed contests; added ‘salary remaining %’ to live contests (for premium users only); added PlateIQ Score to the MLB Premium menu.

version 2.7.4: Removed floor/ceiling from the MLB premium menu.

version 2.7.3: Added projected minutes to the NBA premium menu; granted premium access to ‘Combo Premium Product’ subscribers.

version 2.7.2: Fixed a few minor display issues

version 2.7.1: Added some sport-specific options to the premium menu for PGA, MLB, and NBA.

version 2.7: Added support for NFL Showdown contests (for premium users).

version 2.6: Floor/Ceiling and CVR have been added to the premium menu. Status filters and group all by sport options now exist for calculating player exposure.

version 2.5.1: Bug fix for players with a projected ownership of zero.

version 2.5: Margin bar graphs added to lobby; added Top 10 prize payout % in contest details (for contests with at least 50 paid spots and 6 different prize tiers).

version 2.4: The premium menu now works on the My Lineups page; added min cash to contest details; improved the name matching algorithm for the premium features.

version 2.3: Officially enable NBA and NHL premium support.

version 2.2: Support single-sport premium subscribers and more UK support.

version 2.1: UK support, plus a bug fix for a “Too many requests” error.

version 2.0: Integration of RotoGrinders DK Premium content, plus a few bug fixes. Pick ‘Em contest player exposures are now calculated separately from Classic.

version 1.7: A few small changes to match DK’s recent changes to the My Lineups page layout.

version 1.6: Added first place prize pool percentage to contest details pop-ups.

version 1.5: Calculate player exposure for Arcade Mode contests separately from ‘Classic’ contests.

version 1.4.3: Bug fix for lineup naming; re-enabled the lineup naming feature

version 1.4.2: Removed lineup naming temporarily.

version 1.4: Added lineup naming for Lineups page and percent of field paid calculation for contest pop-ups

version 1.3: Added a Salary Cap Remaining calculator for H2H views. Player Exposure calculations on My Lineups page are now broken up by start time instead of Upcoming/Live.

version 1.2: Added the ability on My LIneups page to toggle the player ownership percentages between “Total Entries” and “Unique Lineups” views.

version 1.0: NEW FEATURES: view a contest’s margin and overlay in the Lobby. view the percentage of lineups containing a player next to the player’s name on the My Lineups page

version 0.8: removed all features related to bulk creating/editing/withdrawing of contests due to DraftKings’ updated terms of service. stay tuned for future features

version 0.7: added “Edit Lineup Entries” option. Select a lineup that has been entered multiple times into a single contest, or into multiple contests. This option will replace each entry with a lineup from your .csv file. This is ideal if you have entered one dummy lineup into multiple contests or into the same contest multiple times.

version 0.6: added ability to bulk edit lineups or replace one or more lineups with a selected lineup

version 0.5.6: fix to handle last names greater than 2 words and NFL defenses

version 0.5.5: fixed some styling conflicts with DraftKings’s UI

version 0.5.4: We’ve added a dropdown in the contest pop-up that lets you select groups of 50 lineups to enter. we have also added a withdraw all button when you access a contest pop-up from the MyContests page that lets you withdraw all entries for a contest.

Once you’ve installed the extension, go to your Lineups page on DraftKings. You’ll notice an orange Import Lineups button. Click on that button and a window will appear allowing you to upload a CSV to enter multiple lineups. Use a CSV created with the RotoGrinders lineup builder or create your own!

Check out this step by step tutorial:

RotoGrinders – DraftKings Tools
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