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Salesforce Dependent Picklist Matrix Export


Salesforce does not provide any feature to extract the Dependent Picklist Matrix for analysis, comparison and reporting. This extension helps to export the dependency matrix as a CSV file and supports using “View All” for more than 5000 entries.

– Supported in Classic
– Supported in Lightning

Demo for Export Matrix :
Demo for “View All” feature :

Steps to use:
– Set the user language to English.
– Go to the Edit/View page of the Dependent Picklist, where the picklist values are included/excluded based on the Parent value. (Shown in the screenshot)

– Ensure you are on the first page of the matrix.

– Right click anywhere on the web page and click “Export Picklist Matrix” option from the context Menu. This context menu option is available only in the dependent picklist matrix view.

– The CSV file will be downloaded automatically with name “-“. The file has a header row with first column as Parent Field and second column as Child Field.

– Characters like > are represented as > and similarly for other special characters.

For View All feature (Tested for 300 x 1000 matrix which is the max you can create):

– Click on the “View All” button to see all the values on single page.
– Be patient for the page to load. It can take some time if the matrix is large.
– If you get page not responsive alert click on “Wait” to continue processing. Do this as many times as you get alert.

Without using this extension when you click “View All” you will receive error “The table has over 5,000 entries. “View All” is disabled.” if there are more than 5000 entries.

NOTE: Tested to work when user language is set to English.

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v 0.0.4:
– Added support for “View All” for more than 5000 entries.

v 0.0.2:
– bug fixes

Salesforce Dependent Picklist Matrix Export
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