Save Email Template powered by SendPulse


Save any Gmail™,™, Yandex™email as a template in one click:

► save as PDF
► save as a full-length screenshot in PNG format
► save as HTML
► save the template directly to your SendPulse account

This is an excellent way to save any email as a template for your email marketing campaigns. You can also quickly save all emails of interest for analysis and inspiration.
Just open email in your inbox, click the download button and choose how you want to save this email. Anytime you open an email thread, you will see a button to download the email. Just click the button and choose how you want to save the template.

Add the extension to your browser and start saving your email templates straight away.
This application is safe and absolutely free. Create a free SendPulse account to be able to import your emails as templates for your own email campaigns and remove watermarks from the screenshots.

Why save email as a PDF or a screenshot?
● create a collection of inspiring emails and use them for your own email marketing efforts
● easily share noteworthy emails with your friends and colleagues

Why save email as HTML template?
● open an email in a browser and view its code
● make changes in an HTML editor and reuse the template
● import the HTML into email marketing software and send your beautiful email

Q: Why save an email to a SendPulse account?
A: SendPulse is an email service provider with additional channels, like SMS, web push notifications, and Facebook chatbots. The free plan includes 15,000 emails. You can save any email as a template in your SendPulse account and use it for your own needs. After editing the email in the WYSIWYG editor, replacing the logo, and changing the message you are ready to send your own email.

Q: How this extension is different from others?
A:There are a number of extensions that do similar things, feel free to use them if that’s what fits your needs best. Note that the SendPulse extension is completely free and often has more features.

Most of the extensions below require a monthly subscription.
➊ Save Emails to PDF
Helps you save emails as PDF directly from your inbox. It can save multiple emails as a PDF document with all of the emails in a thread, a zip file with emails as a PDF, as an excel spreadsheet or CSV file, a text file with all of the emails, or as one
➋ HTML document with all emails
➌ Save Emails to Google Drive
With this extension you can save emails into following formats: PDF, TXT, HTML, and EML (email archive).
➍ Save Emails to Dropbox
This extension lets you save Gmail™ emails to Dropbox™ with one click. It includes a real-time save of emails in the label, saving any email directly from Gmail, lets you package email messages in one PDF or have each email in a separate PDF, makes a real-time backup of all emails to Dropbox and offers Dropbox for Business integration for teams.
➎ Save Emails to Box
Lets you save any Gmail™ email to Box with one click. This GDPR compliant extension lets you save your Gmail email messages and label to Box with one click. All saved emails will include the entire email contents, metadata (when it was sent, how large it is, etc) and any attachments your email has.
➏ Save emails to OneDrive
In just one click, you can save your Gmail emails (and their attachments) directly to your OneDrive account without complicated downloads.
➐ Save emails to SharePoint
This extension lets you save Gmail™ emails and attachments to Office 365™ SharePoint with one click.
➑ Save emails to Salesforce
This extension lets you save Gmail™ emails and attachments to your Salesforce account
➒ Save emails to Slack
This extension lets you easily save Gmail™ emails to Slack channels. The service works right out of Gmail™.
➓ Save and Backup My Emails
With this tool, you’ll get all your emails, email threads, and any attachments in a PDF format that you can download to your hard drive or your USB stick.

Save Email Template powered by SendPulse
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