SCPper (read “skipper”) adds some features and functionality to SCP Foundation wiki site and its translation branches. It also enhances links to these sites from some other websites.
Behavior is fully customizable, all features can be turned off.

Wiki features:
– Converts plain text (SCP-1234) into links to respective articles.
– When reading an article it adds name of the article from the main list to the title and additional information such as contributors and date of posting to the footer.
– Adds author page link to user info dialogue.
– Overrides default forum behaviour in such way that forum pages are added to browser history and you can navigate through them with Next and Previous buttons.

Global features*:
– Adds tooltip with the article name to any SCP article link.
* Due to security considerations as of version these features will only work on limited list of websites. Initially this list includes all SCP wikidot branches and official subreddit.

Supported SCP projects:
– Original SCP Foundation (
– Russian branch (
– Korean branch (
– Chinese branch (
– French branch (
– Polish branch (
– Spanish branch (
– Thai branch (
– Japanese branch (
– German branch (
– Italian branch (
– Ukrainian branch (
– Brazilian Portuguese branch (
– Czech branch (
– Traditional Chinese (

Some features may not work on some branches due to differences in formatting.

SCPper GitHub page:

Source code and all resources of this extension are distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.
Idea of SCP objects, SCP Foundation, SCP Foundation logo, “Secure. Contain. Protect” motto were created by SCP creative community at and are available under the same license.

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