Screenpages Toolkit


A simple extension for monitoring the URL you are currently testing and notifying you if any links you have clicked on navigate you away from the domain i.e. from a test site to a production site.

The extension can be set to work on only the tabs you enable so you will not be bombarded with notifications when you browse on a tab that is not being used for testing a specific URL.

1] Enter a full or partial URL into the text box (Copy URL button will populate the text box with your current URL)
2] Press the Add button
3] The text will now appear in the select box
4] Press Confirm Changes to save any changes
5] Press the ‘Enable for this Tab’ button to allow the extension to work for the current tab.
6] The extension will warn you via notifications or alerts if you navigate to a URL that doesn’t contain the string you have selected in the select box

Version History

1.0.1 – 9/10/15

Added new test link button functionality to the popup. This will highlight any text link (ignores anchors with images and telephone numbers currently) that links to a site not on the same URL as the one you are testing. In order for this to work a URL or string needs to be added to the select box and then saved.

Screenpages Toolkit
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