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Many of the times we feel a requirement to export/copy data from Salesforce Developer Console directly. There can be multiple reasons for this like:

1) User don’t have API level access to use Data Exporting tools like Data Loader, Workbench etc.
2) User can be an administrator who is not so aware of such other tools available in market
3) User wants a single click solution to directly export data in CSV from the Developer console itself.

This Chrome Extension can help you to achieve this, Once this extension is installed it will be visible on the right side of your address bar, whenever you opens developer console. You just need to click on it and then it will open a popup window for you with all the data in CSV format and you can also click on the “Download CSV” link to directly download it.

Known Issues- Extension is not working on the new popup window, and currently you need to open the developer console in “New Tab” i.e. by using [Ctrl + Click].

SDFC Dev Console Data Exporter
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