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This extension adds a button (next to the addressbar) which allows you to send a webpage URL (link) via email.

Example: if you use Gmail, then it opens a new send-mail window and adds the webpage title to the email title field, and puts the webpage url in the body of the email. All you have to do is choose a mail recipient and click send.

An easy way to share webpages with your contacts and friends.


Technical information:
This extension is using the “mailto:” protocol, so all email related issues like which mailclient that opens up and how the mail is formatted is
related to your system and what your system does with the “mailto:” protocol. So if things don’t work as expected or you want to change things, then check your systems “mailto:” protocol settings.

0.9.5 – fixed a bug that sometimes just opened a blank page. Should be fixed now.

Send URL
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