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The features that you will have when you install extension:

– A Custom Search Engine (Under Google’s Infrastructure) (Not published yet)

– Reminder: You will have an advanced reminder on your home page. This feature will remind you on selected time with the given options. (Not published yet)

– RSS Feeds: This feature allows you to add/remove/customize rss feeds of your favorite websites. The rss feeds that you have added to our system will be updated immediately. (Not published yet)

– Shortcuts: We all have favorite websites (Such as youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter, amazon, aliexpress, etc.). We will provide shortcuts of these websites under our platform.

– Customized home page: You can move the elements to another place on your home page. For instance, you can to move “notes” to any where you like in the website. (Not published yet)

– Membership: Our visitors also can register to our website. Being a member have some advantages. One of the most important advantage is you will not lose your settings even if you reinstall your PC. We will welcome you with the same screen when you are logged in again. (Not published yet)

– Weather widget: It gives information about your selected city’s weather. (Icon Supported) (Not published yet)

– Daily deals widget: If you would like to you can have daily deals widget. These widgets are consist of from amazon, ebay, aliexpress, etc. (Not published yet)

– Daily Games Widget: In this section, we will provide you today’s game. Each day we will provide different games in the home page. We will also share the games most played games. These will be divided into tabs. (Not published yet)

– The background images will randomly change by your selection. If you didn’t select any, it will randomly change the background every time you refresh the home page. (Not published yet)

– Search youtube content directly in your homepage. (Not published yet)

– Search twitter content directly in your homepage. (Not published yet)

We will add more feature for you to have better user experience on your browser. Is a promise…

If you liked the extension we suggest you to take a look our other extensions AUDI A8, Roblox 2019, GTA V. You can reach these extension by visiting New Tab for Chrome
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