Sonix: Accurate, automated transcription


Transcribe your audio and video files into text. Transcribing by hand is painful. Say hello to Sonix — Sonix’s online, automatic transcription service converts speech to text. You’ll be amazed by the speed and accuracy of our cutting-edge artificial intelligence. A high-quality, one hour audio file is typically transcribed in under 6 minutes.

How Sonix works:
1/ Install the Sonix Chrome Extension to quickly access
2/ Securely upload your audio or video files
3/ You’ll receive an email when we have finished transcribing

Sonix is easy. We accept all different types of audio and video file formats and multiple languages. In addition, we’ve built an interactive editor (similar to Microsoft Word in your browser) so you can seamlessly proofread and edit your transcript. Export your transcript in multiple file formats including Microsoft Word (.docx), Text file (.txt), Subtitle files (.srt & .vtt), and Adobe Premiere Marker Files (.xml).

Sonix is fast. It takes a professional transcriptionist 4 hours to transcribe an hour long audio file. Our computer algorithms can do it in about 6 minutes.
Sonix is accurate. With clear, crisp audio, we’ve seen accuracy rates approaching 98%.
Sonix is affordable. It costs about a large cup of coffee to transcribe an hour’s worth of audio.

Sonix: Accurate, automated transcription
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