Springboard JobTracker


Jobtracker is your job search companion, helping you stay on top of your job search!

Log & track:
Save job applications and networking contacts from popular websites with just 1-click.

Grow your network: Discover networking and referral opportunities from the Springboard community.

Log & track:
With Springboard’s JobTracker extension, you can save and update job applications and networking activities to your career dashboard directly from job search sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, AngelList, and Greenhouse.

Pull job details from the job posting and log them to your career dashboard.

Add notes for yourself or your career coach about each application.

Pull contact details from the LinkedIn profile and log them to your career dashboard.

Update the status of your job applications

Grow your network:
Take advantage the Springboard mentor and alumni community. Discover mentors & alumni at your target company as you browse jobs on LinkedIn.

Get Connecting: Connect with Springboard community members and expand your network

Get Messaging: Learn from their experience by requesting an informational interview.

Get Referred: You may get a referral to hiring managers for open roles at their company.

activeTab: to access current tab url, title and inject content script on browser action clicked.

storage: to cache data used by background script and app scripts

cookies: to check login status at springboard

webRequest, webRequestBlocking: to add springboard specific custom headers for making api requests.

Springboard: to make api requests and save job application info filled by user.

Segment: for analytics.

Springboard JobTracker
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