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SQLite Manager allows you to edit/view SQLite databases directly on Google Chrome.
You can read one or multiple SQLite databases and run SQLite commands right in your browser.

★ Main Features of SQLite Database Manager:

✔ Load SQLite database files from your device
– Use the “File” menu to open or create a new SQLite database or simply drop a database into this window.
You can work on several databases. To select the active database use the selector tool in the top right side of the screen.
Work on your database now

✔ Manage your database, using SQL or Math,js commands
– You can run one or more SQLite or Math.js commands in each computational box. To execute the command press the “Enter” key.
To move to the next line without executing the command use “Shift” + “Enter” key combination. Note that each computational box
can either run SQLite or Math.js commands. You are not allowed to mix these two.

✔ Extended help by commands
– Use help(“command name”) to get more info about each Math.js command (e.g.: help(“selected”)).
This function is not usable for SQLite commands at the moment.

✔ Build plots of database
– plot: plot one or more arrays. See the Chart.js menu for examples

This software is 100% free and does not require you to pay.

Disclaimer: Please note this extension is NOT made by Google and is made by an independent development team. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.
Google doesn’t endorse or sponsor this Chrome extension. SQLite Manager is not owned by, is not licensed by and is not a subsidiary of Google Inc.

SQLite Manager
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