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Do you shop at a website so much and wonder if you can buy some stock? Do you need more ideas to trade but only a handful of popular stocks like Tesla come to mind?

Stock Inspector shows you stocks and EFTs related to the website you visit everyday. With 1-click, Stock Inspector shows you the latest price and data. You can easily access references sources and trade with brokers.

🌎 Works where you do
Browse the web as you normally do. If you see the latest price change on the icon, it means that there’s a stock related to the website you’re on.

🔍 Discover hidden stocks
• Stock Inspector knows about popular products for public companies, like YouTube and Alphabet (GOOG)
• Subsidiaries show up too, like Blue Bottle Coffee and Nestlé (NSRGY)

📚 Learn more with 1-click
• Click to view the latest stock price, plus many more fancy stats
• View popular reference sources like Yahoo Finance
• Trade commission-free with popular brokers like Robinhood
• Learn more about public companies from Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Twitter tweets
• Learn more about private companies from Morningstar, Unicorn IPO Leaderboard, Crunchbase, Pitchbook, LinkedIn
• Trade with your brokers, including Robinhood

💡 Tips & tricks
• Pin the extension to your Chrome Toolbar so it can show you what it found.
• Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + S pops open the Stock Inspector. You can customize this keyboard shortcut too!

⁉️ Questions? Comments?
Found a website that Stock Inspector doesn’t know about? Want a new feature? Ping us at:
• Twitter: @rayshan
• Email: [email protected]

Stock Inspector – Discover Companies & ETFs
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