StormX: Shop & Earn Crypto


🛍️ Shop at your favorite stores and earn free Bitcoin or Ethereum. StormX is the easiest and safest way to start earning cryptocurrency without any of the hassle. It’s time to stack sats!

Just download the Chrome extension, click your favorite online store, buy stuff and earn shopping rewards.

💰 Shopping + Crypto Back
Cash back is old school. It’s time to get crypto back on all your purchases.

When you use the StormX shopping app, you shop and earn rewards that you can then withdraw in the cryptocurrency of your choice:

-Bitcoin – BTC
-Ethereum – ETH
-StormX – STMX
-Litecoin – LTC

🛒 Lots and Lots of Stores
You can keep shopping at all your favorite stores, but now you’ll also safely earn cryptocurrency while you do it. We’ve got 100s of stores in the app and here are a few of our most popular online shops:

-Sam’s Club

🛡️ Earn cryptocurrency safely
StormX lets you start earning Bitcoin or Ethereum without having to worry about signing up to dodgy exchanges or entering your credit card. All you have to do is shop online like you normally would and you’ll earn cryptocurrency while you do it. Then just open the StormX app to see your rewards and then you can leave it in the app or withdraw it to your private wallet. It’s a great way to introduce your parents, grandparents or other no-coiners without them having to do anything,

★★★★★ “Love the ease of use and always love free money! What a great way to get into the crypto currency market without all the headache of research and setup. Great extension!!!” – Hughie D.

★★★★★ “No brainer – I can earn free crypto without doing any work. Simply, shopping online like I normally do.” – Alex H.

⚙️ How it Works
Everybody wants Bitcoin and Ethereum and everyone wishes they had bought it a few years ago. Now you can earn it without having to worry about if the price changes. We went out of our way to make StormX as easy as possible, here’s how you get your hands on some cryptocurrency:

-Download the Chrome extension now (we also have an Android and iOS app you can use)
-Click on a store (we feature hundreds of your favorites)
-Find some awesome stuff to buy
-Buy it
-Sit back and chill while your rewards come rolling in
-Choose your favorite cryptocurrency and you’re set

⬇️ Download the StormX app now and get shopping.

🙋 If you need any help or have any questions, please email our crypto-friendly team at [email protected] – we can’t wait to talk to you.

*The StormX app is free to use, however certain third-party services may require payments that are outside of StormX.

StormX: Shop & Earn Crypto
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