Strelloids – Trello on steroids


Strelloids will expand possibilities of your Trello. Custom, colored tags, colored lists, hiding the lists, scrum story points helper, new view modes and much more. In one time you can have different settings for each board. Strelloids was created with the keynote that it would not kill your computer, like some extensions likes to do.

## Change List ##

– Move setting of lists to storage.local, storage.sync has limits that can be exceeded.

– Markdown checklist support. [See more](Modules-%7C-Markdown-%7C-Checklist).
– Markdown table support. [See more](Modules-%7C-Markdown-%7C-Table).
– Expand/Collapse all list on the board.
– Auto collapse empty lists.
– Import/export plugin settings.
– Split popup settings into tabs.
– Split “content scripts” into separated files.
– Own translation system.

– Fixed missing toggled labels on cards
– Fixed vertical position of inputs for custom tags

– Added module for card prioritization.
– Added GUI in card edit for modules: Custom tags, Card prioritization, Scrum Times.
– Added possibility to scroll board in default view mode without holding shift key.
– Added global options to change scrum label colors.
– Added global options to change scrum sequence buttons in GUI card edit.
– Added setting which allow to hide scrum labels based on their type.
– Changed custom tags color algorithm to more “random”.
– Fixed assigning single “?” in brackets into Team 2 in scrum times.
– Mucho code improvements.

– Moved board settings into browser popup, opened by clicking in extension icon.
– Added options page, with some global setting of the extension.
– Added toggle visibility button into left top corner of the list instead of position inside Trello list menu.
– Added new module for using cards as separator on list.
– Merged display mode options, into one select.
– Added some help messages for popup board options.
– Improvement in overall CSS styles.
– Replaced UTF-8 icons for scrum points (didn’t appear on some versions), with SVG images.
– Fixed scrum points rounding for some values (like: 0.6000000000000001).

Strelloids – Trello on steroids
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