Super Pomodoro Timer


The best Pomodoro timer there is
Listen, I know there’s a lot of Pomodoro Timers out there, so why should you install this one?

Here’s three reasons:

1) Auto switch to long breaks every four pomodoros and a counter to see how many you’ve done. (Because those long breaks are important too!)

2) Lists for ideas for short and long breaks. (If an idea comes up during your work session, jot it down, forget about it and come back to it after. That cute cat video? It’ll be there for you when it’s break time.)

3) A log that you can export of your work, including the date, time and items worked on. (Great for seeing how your day went for that warm feeling of contentment at all that sweet, sweet productivity or for better planning tomorrow’s attack plan.)

That being said, feel free to suggest other functions you’d like to see in the future or problems that need to be fixed. I love constructive criticism, but do be kind. This is my first Chrome Extension, and I do it all for the warm fuzzies, not for the Benjamins.

Super Pomodoro Timer
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