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You can access file URLs by going to Chrome’s extension settings, and checking “Allow access to file URLs”

Go to a website with an SVG file. The extension begins working on the SVG graphic and you may:
* Pan: click and drag or hold the space bar and drag the cursor to pan around the image
* Zoom in or out: use mouse scroll wheel
* Zoom: click and drag a zoom box of the desired area if enabled
* Zoom out: tap alt key
* Reset zoom: press escape
Trying to pan on an SVG by shift click and dragging currently causes undesirable panning; possibly a Google Chrome bug/feature.
If you want to view local files with this extension, you must enable “Allow access to file URLs” in Chrome’s Extensions view.

Try Testing Out These SVGs
* Vector vs Raster:
* World Map:
* Animated world landmarks:
* Map of the United States of America:
* Another USA map:
* Constellation Orion:
* Bertrand’s Chords:
* P and N type Silicon:
* Diagram of Zeta Potential and Slipping Plane:
* Earth Color Trace:
* Magnetic Moment:
* Simple Mandelbrot:
* Animated Digitial Clock:

Useful Links
* SVG 1.1 Second Edition Specifications:
* Official Google Chrome extension page:
* Github Repository:—Chrome-Extension

Concept originally created by Asad Akram, Ryan Oblenida aka Mr. O, and Peter Ryszkiewicz at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Adapted as a Google Chrome extension by Peter Ryszkiewicz. Work was inspired by Kevin Lindsey at

SVG Navigator
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