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Never miss out on a sale or a placement again!

The “Swordfish AI – Cell Phone and Email Finder Tool” allows you to find cell phone numbers, business email addresses & personal email addresses from social profiles.

✔ How Can Swordfish AI Help You?
Find accurate contact information (email addresses and cell phone numbers) using our powerful contact database. Call and email sales prospects or recruitment candidates that your competitors cannot reach.

✔ Find Personal and Business Contact Information
📲 Cell phone numbers→
📞 Direct dials→
📩 Personal Email addresses→
📨 Business Email addresses→

✔ Who Uses Swordfish AI?
Are you or your Sales Team looking to accelerate your Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation efforts to target Decision Makers to sell to in 2021 and beyond?

Are you an Employer, Recruiter, Talent Acquisition, or Corporate Recruiting professional needing to recruit and hire talented top performers in 2021?

Then, the “Swordfish AI – Cell Phone and Email Finder Tool” is for you.

✔ B2C and B2B Database Provides Accurate Contact Information
Whether you are looking for B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business) contact information, Swordfish AI provides fresh and accurate:

Swordfish AI’s secret sauce is that we connect to over 200x network partners to bring you updated and accurate contact information in real-time. No static outdated databases.

An effective tool to find and contact your sales prospects or recruiting candidates today!

✔ Easily Find Direct Contact Information on Any of These Social Media Platforms
The Google Chrome Extension / Plugin works helps you find contact info from social profiles of professionals on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Github, Stack Overflow, Dribbble, Bing, and Google Searches.

✔ LinkedIn
Land on any LinkedIn profile and instantly get any professional’s contact information in seconds. All you need to do is use the Swordfish Chrome extension.

✔ Twitter
Visit any Twitter account profile url and click on the Swordfish AI extension. Get direct contact info in seconds.

✔ Facebook Profiles and Facebook Groups
Go to any user’s Facebook profile and click the Swordfish AI extension on your Chrome browser. You’ll instantly get direct contact info.

✔ Github and Stack Overflow
Getting in touch with Developers has never been easier. Swordfish AI works seamlessly on Github & Stack Overflow. Get personal contact info of developers instantly using the Swordfish AI extension on Chrome.

✔ Google and Bing Searches
The next time you’re doing an X-ray search for LinkedIn profiles on Google or Bing, The Swordfish AI Chrome extension will help you find contact info without having to leave the search engine.

✔ Data Enrichment of Your Outdated Database
Add missing phone numbers and emails to your lists in bulk. Upload incomplete lists via our Bulk Upload Tool with a .csv spreadsheet, and Swordfish AI will automatically fill up missing data (emails & phone numbers) within minutes!

Start for FREE and get 5x free credits!
Earn extra FREE credits when you invite a co-worker.

1x credit unlocks all the mobile phone numbers & emails for a LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Github and Stack Overflow profile.

Spend more time selling and less time sourcing!

✔ Customer Support
[email protected]

*Swordfish is not endorsed by any of the social profiles it covers.
GDPR: Swordfish may be used in the EU to authenticate online identities, investigations and fraud prevention purposes only. By using Swordfish, you agree to the Swordfish terms and conditions.
For more info visit privacy policy ->
California residents ->
Nevada residents ->


Swordfish: Cell phone & email finder
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