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Tab-Link Highlighter


TLH allows for a more enjoyable browsing experience, notifying you by highlighting links if that link is already open in another tab. TLH creates a more productive environment, allowing you to not open the same page multiple times (unless you really want to).


-Highlights links to tabs already open in the following search pages:
Google, Google Scholar, Amazon, and Youtube

-Options page to change highlight color, whether to change the link color, and debugging.


-Does not handle redirects very well. This can be seen when a link is clicked, highlighted, and then unhighlighted. Not sure how to handle or fix this at this time.

If you find a bug related not related to any listed above, please let me know by leaving user feedback.


-Accessing data on and are used to view and compare the search result links on a Google, Google Scholar, or Amazon search. This is also used to highlight the matched links.

-Accessing your tabs and browsing activity is only used to view the urls of your tabs that are open currently for comparison.


This extension only runs when you are doing a google search or a google scholar search. After it starts, it first reads the urls of all currently open tabs, and trims off anything after a ‘#’. Then it reads all of the search results urls, trimming accordingly. If any of these are exactly the same, it highlights thats result. This runs constantly every half a second, making it dynamic, so if you control-click a link to open it in a new tab, it will highlight that link if it ends up matching the rules.


After installing, restart your browser for best results. (A simple refresh of the search page should work too.)


Removed the class r option of h3 tags and added it so it looked for div > h3 > a tags. This is compatible with with all the searches now available. Added compatibility with Amazon and Youtube Searches. Removed getting rid of everything after a ? mark was removed due to that being a feature in most sites as a search. This also allowed for Youtube to be added to the list of compatibility. Basically any site that has a search items in the div > h3 > a form will more than likely be compatible. Looking into allowing for enabling and disabling certain sites by the user.

Added debug option to turn on/off console logging. Added style to options page. Made to where only h3 tags with a class of r are selected, and then the a tag below that for comparison.

Added Google Scholar compatability. Changed to remove anything after a ‘?’ found in URLs.

Initial Release


-allow users the option to decide which sites can/cannot work with this extension
-allow users to decide which tags get highlighted
-previous idea could evolve into allowing users to select which tags for specific sites, allowing for new sites to be added also by user
-create new icon and promo screen shots (has yet to be done right)
-Perhaps change the algorithm so that it looks for a change or update in the DOM so it isn’t running every half a second.
-Change so that it is only scanning the page on an active tab (and only if the tab’s base url is part of the approved list)

Tab-Link Highlighter
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