This extension lets browser power-users easily juggle dozens of tabs at any time. Enter a search string (could be a standard JavaScript regex), highlight the URL you want to bring up, and press return, double-click it, or press the “Go” button. Tabhunter will even find and bring up minimized windows containing the target tab.

Tabhunter also lets you easily bulk-close large numbers of tabs. Let’s say you have a bunch of github pages all related to a project we’ll call “inconsolable-toucan”. Enter a pattern like ‘’, click on the first hit in the list, shift-click the last hit, and press the “Close Tabs” button. No-longer-needed tabs gone like that.

Bring up Tabhunter by either pressing the hunter’s scope icon, or using the command-key Ctrl-Shift-T on macos, Alt-Shift-T on Linux and Windows.

Drowning in a sea of tabs? Stay afloat with Tabhunter. Users of that other browser have been happily using it since 2008. Now you Chrome folks can use it too.

Under no circumstances should this software be confused with Tab Hunter, an actor best known for his work in the mid-20th century.

2.1.6 – support moving a group of tabs to a selected window

2.1.7 – support selecting windows in the pattern field:
* putting `{w:N}` at the start of a pattern shows only tabs in window N
* putting `{w:N:T1-T2}` at the start of a pattern shows only tabs T1 through T2 in window N
* putting `{w:N:T}` shows tabs T through the end in window N
* putting `{w:N:-T}` shows tabs 1 through T in window N

2.2.0 – prefs are now available in the main window via the “More…” button and no longer change only when the “Submit” button is pressed.

2.2.2 – Support for drag+drop when tabs are sorted by window/tab position.

3.0.1 – Reinstate support for searching *inside* the tabs, including by regex or xpath

3.1.0 – Support for “Select All” (Ctrl-A , Cmd-A on macos)

3.2.4 – Rearchitected to deal with very large numbers of tabs (like 1000 or more) gracefully

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