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TeachingBooks Book Connections


Your Google search results are enhanced with recommended book titles and immediate access to resources that connect you to these books and authors.

Searches reveal up to 4 titles, that match based on:
* Subject headings of books
* Name of author or book title

Results include:
* Direct access to book and author resources
* Read-along audiobook performances
* Discussion questions
* Author interviews
* Video book trailers
* Vocabulary lists and more.


Q: How do I start using this extension?
A: Click ‘Add to Chrome’ and continue your usual searches. When TeachingBooks has book and author connections for you, the results will populate the top right corner of your search page.

Q: Will using this extension alter my Google results?
A: Your search results stay the same and you’ll still be able to view all of the same resources you are used to.

Q: What languages does this extension work with?
A: Only English language searches are matched, yet more than 100 languages from Google Translate are accessible in the results.

TeachingBooks Book Connections
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