The Content Farm Terminator!


# Can I directly import a content farm websites list?
Of course you can! Open the popup on the top-left corner, and then key in your list into the text area (one host per line). Finally, click the “Add” button. Easy?

# How can I directly hide a result on a Google’s search page?
After installing this extension, you will find every search result following with a “Terminate this domain!” button. Just click it, and that result will be hidden.
Notice that this action not only hides the result but also the whole website of it. The website will never be shown in the Google’s search page forever in the future.

# How do I check all the websites I have terminated?
Please open the popup and click the “View all button”. List of hosts of terminated websites then will be shown in the text area. Notice that the host on the top is the one latest terminated while the bottom earliest.

# How do I unblock some website(s)?
Open the popup and then key in the websites you wan to unblock (one host per line). Then click the “Delete” button.

# How many hosts can I terminate?
Well … I’m not pretty sure. It depends on the storage space Google allows. It is about 200 thousands. That’s very enough for you!!

The Content Farm Terminator!
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