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The skUnity Extension


== The official skUnity Search Extension ==

Quickly and easily access the skUnity Docs with this handy Chrome Extension! By simply clicking the icon for the extension, you’ll be able to search without leaving your current tab. All search results come directly into the extension window.

– Clicking the Addon Tag of a search result does a search for that addon
– You can use enter to search instead of clicking the Go button
– Hit enter twice or double click the Go button to have your results appear in a new tab

– Never need to leave your tab to do a search
– Fetchs live results from skUnity

– View your recent searches to easily access them again
– Share links to the search without having to make a new tab
– More integration with the forums and other skUnity services

Version history:

1.2 –
> Viewing resources on SpigotMC forums will now show an skUnity Parser button (where supported). The Parser has also been updated to handle resources from SpigotMC.

1.1 (actual release) –
These features weren’t ready for the intended release, but were quickly implemented and added to the 1.1 update!
> You can now hit enter twice or click the Go button twice to have your search results open in a new tab.
> Clicking the Addon Name of a search result does a search for that addon.
> Bug fixes, styling changes and performance enhancements

1.1 (intended release) –
Mega update! New style, new features and a complete revamp. Search results now appear in the extension window itself. The styling of the addon window has been updated and provides better functionality with new branding in place to reflect official changes.

1.0 –
First release of the skUnity Extension, provides a quick way to have your search directed to the search page of skUnity

The skUnity Extension
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